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Director: Myztico Campo
Assistant Director: Srikala Kerel Roach
Editor: Joe Eulo @First Frame Films

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The Realness (Track 2)


Chorus x2

As if you could feel this..

instilled mind still reveals the realness


From hill tops and great heights..

of street dreams and bright lights

of billboards and campaigns..

its hiding in plain site.


folks wandering.. chasing mirages..

it evades like holding on to incense flight..


smoke lifts im reminded of the curtains rising ..

as the drama rewinds each night.


scenes of tomorrow.. happiness and sorrow..

giving definitions of wrong and right..


chorus x2


Chillin in a pose covered in stones..

what if its you who makes the jewels so beautiful..


that eternal .. the moon light glow ..

just by being setting examples..


it shines through the fogs and mist..

to refine you… the person and the gift.

So get ready to give.. the kind of things that people ain’t seen since.

they wrote in hieroglyphs.. galactic support..

a cosmic lift.. so we float like the brings that built the pyramids.


Chorus x2


What you want is what i seek..you might get just what you need.

if it may be that you come with me.. offer a gift that feeling oh so sweet.

if its unknown.. if you let go.. I keep on asking you to come on home..

the mercy is here but when it feels gone.. it was holding you all alone.